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The 1 Thing

That Will Improve Your Marketing Results

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Than Anything Else You Can Do…

…Is to learn to tell your business story using the words and images most likely to cause people to want to do business with you.

Hello, I’m Alan Tarr, “The MoneyWords Copywriter

I’ve been writing dynamic marketing and sales copy for over 30 years for clients large and small as well as for the four businesses I owned.  I started at a top-five Madison Avenue ad agency, and authored four books on the subject s of marketing, branding and copywriting.

Now, I’ve developed my best learning guide yet. It’s a super-complete, online, multi-media tutorial on how you too can learn the secrets of the world’s best copywriters, like I did when I started out.  


[NOTE: I created the title out of affection and respect for the heads of the great ad agencies I wrote for. They’re the same individuals on whom the hit AMC series MadMen was based.]

It Works!

I tried out my branding and copywriting principles and techniques on some of my paying clients and their results were nothing short of amazing.  Increases ranged from 15% to 100% and more. Just from knowing which words and images to use and not use and how to put it all together.

Landscape Architects, Arte Verde, increased revenues 32% in just 10 weeks using my system on only one advertisement.

I learned something totally unexpected. When you equip entrepreneurs with the tools and techniques of branding and messaging, the passion that’s in their hearts and in their heads comes shining through and produces some of the most compelling marketing you can imagine.

“After almost 40 years in business, my eyes have just today been opened to the upside potential of a properly prepared marketing message. THANK YOU for taking the time over the past few days to make some initial suggestions and tweaks”

Paul Gallo, CEO, US First Advisors

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

In case you’re looking for an instant fix – I won’t over-promise.  This program was built from a lifetime of personal experience to be a complete tutorial – not just an “overview”. It takes some time and commitment on your part.  But what worthwhile thing doesn’t?  

Every lesson will bring you more knowledge and golden nuggets you can use right away to improve your website, signage, postcards, brochures, branding, online and traditional ads and other marketing pieces.

“My wife and I were blown away by your knowledge and expertise.”

Tony Reed, Documentary Scriptwriter

Imagine being able to create compelling headlines and content for your website, brochures, sales letters, blogs, mailers, social media posts and ads.

No longer will you be held captive to ad reps that offer to “write your ad free”. And here’s the scary part - they almost never get it right.

Now, I proudly offer this tutorial to you, the Small Business Entrepreneurs who are the heart and soul of our economy and our nation.

Sounds Great…But What’s It Cost?

Get ready for a shock.

I personally train individual clients in the Write Like A MADMAN system in two-day sessions at $1,750. But it isn’t $1750.

I added a Word-For-Word Transcription AND an Audio program bringing the value of this one tutorial program to $2,045. But it’s not $2,045.

I’ve put a lifetime of experience and over $2,000 in value in this one multi-media tutorial program. So, remember, I told you to get ready for a shock? Okay, here it is.

For a limited time we’re giving you my signature piece,

“Write Like A MADMAN And Make Money Like Crazy”


With your Premium Subscription to the

Write Like A MADMAN Online Marketing Resource Library

First, you get the complete 13-video online tutorial (Reg. $197)

    Video 1: Introduction

    Video 2: The Right Psychological Approach

    Video 3: Your Unique Message

    Video 4: Structure Your Message For Maximum Impact (Part I)

Video 5: Structure Your Message For Maximum Impact (Part II)

    Video 6: How To Write Dynamite Sales Copy (Part I)

Video 7: How To Write Dynamite Sales Copy (Part II)

    Video 8: Advanced Techniques

     Video 9: How To Write eMails & Blogs

     Video 10: Layout & Design

     Video 11: The Influencers

    Video 12: Real World Examples

     Video 13: Recap & Review

AND you get a veritable FEAST of marketing Know-How in our online library of over 220 Original Articles, Guides, Videos, Quotes, Tips, Templates, Tutorials, and TWIZDOMS™*

* Marketing Wisdom In Twitter-sized Bites

Everything for the price of a one-year Premium Subscription

ONLY $197

(Limited Time)

You SAVE $200, that’s more than 50% off the regular full year subscription price of $397 – and you get our $197 Signature Tutorial

“Write Like A MADMAN And Make Money Like Crazy”


The Library is FULLY MOBILE-READY so you can comfortably view the entire 13-video series and all the other items in the Library on your phone or tablet.

With the Write Like A MADMAN videos you get 496 individual valuable Tips, Secrets, and How To’s… (and that’s not even including the rest of this extensive online library) …any one of which can make or save you many times the cost of this program.  

And…it’s totally Risk Free!

If you don’t see the amazing value in this program after viewing the first three videos or within 30 days – CANCEL - and receive a full refund.

Only $197 for the yearlong, 24/7 opportunity to learn the basic and advanced skills of strategy, messaging and branding that can make and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Several years ago you really opened my eyes to the importance of how – and why – to tell my organization’s story. For the past four years I have developed our marketing campaigns around who we serve and why we serve them.

When I heard about the Write Like A Madman program, I immediately got a subscription. It’s great! And it costs so much less than your consulting fees (ha ha!).

Josh Kravitz

Chief Operating Officer

Dispensary of Hope, A Non-Profit organization

Nashville, TN

Always Remember…

Better Writing = Better Results!


The MoneyWords Copywriter

PS Now, with all the incredible value stacked up in this risk-free marketing, branding and copywriting package, why wouldn’t you order now? 

 Remember, if you want to continue to struggle, don’t change a thing.  If, however, you want to make more sales and more money – subscribe to the Write Like A MADMAN Online Marketing Resource Library now.

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